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FRACTAL represents skilled creatives with varied talents. From creative directors, to digital strategists, to photographers, FRACTAL custom blends your team to fit your needs and fulfill your brand’s desires. With each project, we build a collaborative environment that allows us to leverage our deep network of connections and resources. Our methodology ensures that innovative ideas come to fruition.


FRACTAL will work with your company to identify brand goals, a cohesive visual direction, and leading digital solutions. Our leadership will facilitate clear communication between teams, as well as ensure that all members remain adaptable in their approach. Project parameters will be set with a flexible framework that allows for unrestricted and attainable expansion.


Let’s explore your brand’s vision for the future. Whether you are a startup or in need of a rebrand, our industry experts will guide you every step of the way. We’ll develop a Brand Platform that not only captures your company's essence but also, at its core, is authentic, relevant to your audiences, and differentiated amongst your peers. Your team will be aligned with a vision for what’s next and a common language.


FRACTAL has a portfolio of best in class marketing and design, many of which have rich historical significance. The FRACTAL portfolio can and should “own” the highest level of emotional storytelling in the market. The FRACTAL corporate culture thinks beyond the traditional approach to marketing and community. In considering every aspect of the final experience, they engage, entertain and enrich the lives of the people who live and work in their communities.


Casandra Cortes

Digital Marketing

Alvin To


Cat Oshiro

Product Design & Illustration

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